dimanche 12 février 2017

Macedonian heavy cavalry

Yesterday's post described elite infantry and elephant, let's keep on describing the Macedonian army with the heavy cavalry. In the DBA list, you have to represent Hetairoi and Thessalian cavalry.

Here are the Hetairoi, a word meaning Companions in ancient greek. They were the unit that Alexander lead himself on the battlefield - I promised myself to paint Alexander only when all other minis are painted.They used very long kontos (cavalry lances) in battle.

They were followed by the Thessalian cavalry, who used shorter lances. The man in the middle is meant to represent an officer. He has a rich saddle made of panther skin.

To be continued.

6 commentaires:

  1. Une cavalerie superbe...et efficace!

  2. Thank you. The Macedonian cavalry is one of the most colorful and the most pleasant to paint... I haven't painted the Prodromoi yet, but according to the Osprey documentation, they wear really psychedelic clothes... I think it will be funny :)

  3. So Alexander completes the work? Or will you add a few extra`s later? Splendid effort and lovely Work! BB

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for your kind word! I need more phalangites, more hoplites, and one Alexander for sure ! I would like to add a few elephants, but after this army, I have so many others to paint! Mayas, Medieval English (I already have 16 archers), Japanese Samurais, Assyrians, medieval Russians, Hussites, Mongols (only 3 riders so far :( ), and large fantasy armies: undead, Warhammer Empire, lizardmen, orcs... not enough time !!!


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